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CompTIA Security+ Certification – The Best Credential in the Cyber Security


Security in the IT field has been a hot topic in the recent years and it is considered one of the biggest issues in the digital space today. In the recent years, the world has been introduced to numerous IT-related security crimes that have threatened to bring down economies and businesses and disrupt international processes, so now governments and organizations alike are prioritizing their IT security measures to keep themselves safe. In order to make this possible, we need to train enough IT security experts who will thenimplement new IT security measures to keep the digital space safe. One of the ways to ensure that we have experienced IT experts is through providing IT security certifications. In this article, we will have a look at the CompTIA Security+ certification and learn what it is all about.


The CompTIA Security+ Certification is a globally recognized in the IT security sphere which main objective is to provide the skills and knowledge needed for professionals who want to develop a career in IT security. This certificate is really essential as it provides that necessary foundation for someone who pursues the IT security career since it givesthe core knowledge for the cybersecurityexperts. The exam focuses on equipping the workers with basic but fundamental problem-solving skills and knowledge on IT security threats. The exam is needed for the professionals, such as system engineers, security administrators, and network administrators.

CompTIA Security+covers the topics, including security fundamentals, security threats and vulnerabilities, data management, application and host security, implementing network security, managing certificates, implementing compliance and operational security, risk management, managing and troubleshooting security incidents, implementing access controls, disaster recovery planning and business continuity, authentication and account management.

Why CompTIA Security+ is so popular?

The popularity of this certification has grown over the years and this has been fueled by the new IT security threats that our online digital space has to deal with. More and more IT professionals are now trying to gain knowledge and skills in this crucial area. TheA+ credential offers the baseline skills and knowledge in the sphere of cybersecurity like no other certification.

How to gain the CompTIA Security+ certificate?

To become a certified CompTIA Security+ professional, one will have to meet certain requirements. The candidates will first have to take the certification exam, which lasts 90 minutes and consists of 90 questions. To successfully pass thistest, a person needs to reach a minimum threshold of 700 points out of 900 possible.

Additionally, in order to be allowed to sit for the CompTIA Security+ Certification exam, a candidate must already possess a certificate in CompTIA Network+ and have at least two years of experience in IT administration with a strong focus on IT security.

Reasons to become certified in CompTIA Security+

Possessing an IT certification is very important since it has numerous advantages. CompTIA Security+ offers the following:

  • Boost knowledge in IT security. This certification is geared towards helping professionals gain skills and knowledge in matters of IT security. Certifications are a good way to build on the already acquired knowledge as one gets that opportunity to learn new information.
  • Build up a good credibility image. Possessing this certificate will prove to your potential and current employers that you are capable of handling any IT security tasks with full confidence. Certifications in general help create a good image for a professional since you are taken seriously.
  • Negotiate for a good salary. Possessing CompTIA Security+ in addition to other IT certifications will be advantageous during the negotiations with your employer in case you think you are ready for promotion or salary increase.
  • Create new opportunities. Having several certifications will create a range of opportunities for you since you will be a highly demanded IT specialist.

Preparing for the CompTIA Security+ exam

The following tips will help you prepare for CompTIA Security+ certification exam on the first try and lead to the good result:

  • Find yourself a study partner and you will be able learn and review certain topics much easier and also save time.
  • Carefully read all the instructions and try to answer all questions, even if you are not completely sure
  • It is also possible to download practice quizzes or tests, as they mighthelp you experience the feel of the real exam and become prepared for it.
  • Ensure you are aware of the exam dates as this will help you start preparing in advance.
  • On the actual day of the exam be sure to you arrive early and avoid unnecessary discussions about the test subject as this might cause panic and uncertainty.
  • Try to find an experienced tutor knowledgeable of the exam topics who can help you with studying the most challenging questions.
  • Avoid wasting time during the exam and monitor the time left so that you answer every question. Start with those you are sure of and then move on to the harder ones.
  • Take time to relax before the test – it is not advisable to attend an exam excited and agitated.

Top resources to prepare for the CompTIA Security+ exam

  • Security tube– the site has a bunch of online free videos and courses that are very affordable for students to get hands-on and study for exams.
  • Cybrary–this website offers the candidates free online courses in cybersecurity training and focuses on such topics as network security and web application security.
  • Safari tech e-books– the site consists of a collection of free online reads and also videos to equip students with sufficient knowledge.
  • Security weekly–the site has numerous videos, current news briefings, and technical segments to check out and apply for an exam.

Closing remarks

The importance of acquiring a proper IT certification cannot be overemphasized, as nowadays employers are looking for potential workers who can prove their skills and knowledge with such documents. In order to get a good grade on the Comp TIA Security+ exam and obtain the certificate, one is required to study properly.