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Prepaway – What You Should Know About PSAT Test?


Scholarships are hard to come by nowadays so students need to compete for the few available slots. The National Merit Scholarship is one of the most popular scholarships in the United States and to be considered for it, you have to pass Certification Questions.

The Preliminary SAT or National Merit Scholarship Qualifying Test (NMSQT) helps you practice for SAT test. In the United States, it is mostly administered to the 11th-grade students in order to prepare them for SAT test. PSAT is also used to determine who qualifies for the National Merit Scholarship. The test is administered by the College Board and the National Merit Scholarship Corporation (NMSC).PSAT test registration and the test itself take place in the school. The test is offered three times a year, but you can only take it once. PSAT tests your reading, writing and math skills.

What does PSAT test include? 

There are four sections in Prepaway test. The sections are Reading,Writing and two Math sections. The difference between the two math sections is that in one section you are not allowed to use a calculator while the other has no such restrictions. The total score of the test is 1520 while individual sectionsare scored differently depending on the score type (section scores, test scores, cross-test scores and sub-scores).

Why should you take PSAT test?

  • PSAT test prepares you for SAT test.
  • PSAT test helps you take part in a competition for the National Merit Scholarship.
  • It helps you know how successful you will be in college.
  • PSAT test helps you make good career decisions.
  • Passing PSAT test gives you a feeling of accomplishment.

Why is PSAT test so popular?

  • PSAT test has helped many students acquire a National Merit Scholarship.
  • You register and take the test at your own school.
  • There are no much preparations needed for PSAT test.

How to pass PSAT test

  • Find more information about your test and know which areas it covers.
  • Gather the recommended resources for your revision.
  • Prepare a proper study plan.
  • Ensure you have organized your study environment well. Avoid studying in places where you can be disturbed.
  • Go with the study method that really works well for you
  • Read the exam instructions and questions carefully before attempting the questions
  • Try to answer all the questions
  • Start with the easier questions and then go back to the ones that seemed harder at first

PSAT test questions details

The number of questions in PSAT test ranges from 138 to 140.All the questions are multiple-choice, which means that you need to choose one answer from a number of options given. However, there is an exception in the math section where a few of the questions are grid-ins. This question type implies that you need to come up with the answer.

Tips for passing PSAT test


  • Practice, practice, practice 


One of the greatest tips for passing PSAT test is practicing. This is done using practice tests. Practice tests can be purchased online, but you can also look for free ones if you are working on a low budget. The best platform where you can find practice tests for PSAT is PrepAway.


  • Enrollina course 


If you are struggling with some exam topics, the best thing to do is to enroll in a suitable course. Through it, you’ll interact with the trainer who will cover all the content in depth. Here you will also be able to learn some new strategies for approaching exam questions.


  • Prepare well 


To pass PSAT test, you have to allocate enough time to study. This way you’ll be able to learn all the necessary information thoroughly without haste and revise the topics before the test. 


  • Make use of discussion groups 


Another effective way to understand exam topics is through discussion groups. You can identify topics that you are yet to cover and the areas that need more input. As you communicate with the rest of the group members, you can learn a thing or two on how about answer the test questions.


  • Use study guides for your prep


There are a variety of study guides specifically designed to help you pass your test. These guides coverthe PSAT topics in detail. It is advisable to make use of them if you want to pass your PSAT test at the first attempt. You can get paper study guides at a small fee or download some free PDF guides online, but first make sure they are up to date and cover all necessary test objectives.

My personal experience of passing PSAT test

I never knew what PSAT test was all about until I got to 11th grade. I had no much interest in it even after hearing about it because I feared tests and the preparation that precedes it. Later my parents told me that I could win a National Merit Scholarship if I passed PSAT test. I was in need of a scholarship so I decided to try it out. Who wouldn’t like such an opportunity?

First, I reviewed the exam objectives in order to know what the test entails. Next step was to gather some revision materials that had been recommended. I could not start studying without a plan and I had to prepare one to allocate my time correctly. 

No matter how many hours a day I trained for PSAT, without the practice tests I could not measure my progress. Practice tests helped me know what to expect in the actual exam. I was also able to identify my weak areas and work on them more. Timed practice tests helped me manage my time during the exam and I was able to complete the real test on time.

When the results came out, it turned out that I performed very well. I was also among those who received the National Merit Scholarship that year.Success in PSAT test does not just happen, you have to study hard and practice with the tests as many times as you can.


With no doubt, PSAT test is worth considering. In the times we are living in, education has become more expensive. PSAT test can help you land a National Merit Scholarship which will reduce the cost of education for you. PSAT also prepares you for other important standardized tests that you may take in the future and SAT is the most important of them.