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How to Cultivate a Positive Environment for Quality Teamwork


This article was developed via a partnership with BetterHelp.

Whether you’re working for a well-established company or you’re a team member on an up-and-coming startup, creating a positive environment for quality teamwork is crucial. This not only helps to increase productivity but also helps to build an effective work environment. It’s important for team members to feel comfortable with each other in order to communicate effectively and ask necessary questions to avoid mistakes and misunderstandings. Here are three ways you can help create a successful work environment for your team. 

Establishing Communication

Whether you’re working together virtually or your team is centered in the office, the group needs to have various ways to communicate with each other. It’s important to remember that in several cases, an email may not be enough to get the point across. Applications like Zoom, Slack, and Google Drive are great examples of how a team can work together in real-time without needing to switch over to an email or phone call to explain what’s going on. These kinds of programs allow you to screen share or work on the same document simultaneously.


When it comes to finding the right tools to help your team, it’s important to consider not only what kind of options are currently available but also the needs of your team members. For some people, simply explaining the problem isn’t enough for them to understand what kind of issue you’re having. That’s why sharing software is so important for companies – visual learners need the accessibility to look at the same problem at the same time without hovering over each other’s shoulders. Instead, you all can view the document and review any questions, misunderstandings, or mistakes together to come to a solution in a timely manner. 

Encouraging Questions

As you build and grow together as a team, there needs to be room for questions and concerns. Whether you’re the team leader or a part of a large group, you and your peers should be able to feel comfortable bringing up inquiries. This can help you avoid misunderstandings, reduce mistakes, and encourage each other to feel approachable and understanding. Developing an environment that allows each team member to ask questions about their tasks, the deadlines for a group, and future initiatives can put everyone on the same track and help others express their concerns or discomfort about a project so others may provide assistance. 


In order to create a space where coworkers can come to each other with questions, you all should create an understanding with each other. This can be done by opening the floor after a meeting for questions or concerns, asking team members if they have anything to add, and having the team leader express their own hesitations. It’s important to remember this isn’t an effort to spread doubt or discontent within an office – instead, it opens up communication between the team and encourages them to look for answers as a group rather than making mistakes on their own because they didn’t feel comfortable bringing up their challenges. 

Allow for Innovation

Finally, your team needs to be able to feel like they can grow. This not only encourages them to continue working hard on new ideas and projects that could have a great impact on the company but it also makes them feel valued and appreciated. Every member of the team should be able to feel as if they’re bringing something important to the table to help the company expand. Working together on new projects headed by team members can encourage others to look for solutions that could reduce wasted time, materials, and costs. 


It’s important to allow each individual the room to find their own solutions to a new initiative. By building effective communication channels and developing a space where members feel comfortable asking questions, you’ve already paved the way to allow the ideas of each individual to flourish. A great team works well together when each person can hone their strengths and work on their weaknesses. Regardless of whether it’s for a piece of a larger project or it’s a suggestion for a new direction, they should feel comfortable expressing their recommendations. 


Your Take Away

Building up teamwork can take time and it will require changes as the company moves forward, people come in and out of the team, and your priorities shift. It’s important to remember that every individual has their own needs, desires, and ideas. To build up a positive work environment, allow each person the ability to express themselves and bring their best work to the table. Find the technology that allows your team to flourish and create a space where ideas and questions can be bounced around one another. This creates the perfect opportunity for your team and company to grow exponentially with a satisfied and dedicated workforce.