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Having an Influential Online Presence To Promote Wisdom and Success


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If you’re starting your own business or brand, having the right marketing mindset and image is important. Your online presence influences others to follow you and listen to your story, ideas, and business propositions. If you’re looking to impact others and maintain a following, then you need to be able to provide the right amount of wisdom and success so your followers know they’re talking to an industry leader. 

What is An Online Presence? 

The online presence of your company is how you engage with others through a website and social media. When you’re looking to learn more about how to build an online presence that represents your brand, you need to take into account what kind of message you’re putting out there. In most cases, businesses and brands are looking to convince their followers that they’re an expert in their field and they have what their customers are looking for. So, how do you accomplish this? First, you need to prioritize that you’re not only successful, but you have the right amount of wisdom in your field. 

Targeting Wisdom and Success

When it comes to marketing and advertising, it’s important to have a clear message. While you’re obviously going to need to set up a system that targets the correct audience and focuses on the buyer’s journey, you also need to develop an enticing pull that captures the attention of that audience. While you need to specifically sell the product or service your business or brand offers, there needs to be an underlying message. By focusing on wisdom and success, you’re encouraging others to accept you as an industry expert by appealing to their sense of authority.


When looking to learn more about how to present yourself as a wise and knowledgeable source, it’s important to know more about wisdom itself. Being knowledgeable in a subject doesn’t necessarily make you wise. There’s a significant difference between intelligence and wisdom: intelligence is having the necessary understanding of a subject, whereas wisdom is having the ability to apply that knowledge to your skillset. For example, if your business is about helping others develop time management skills, knowing everything about time management isn’t necessarily what you’re selling. Instead, it’s how to apply that knowledge of time management and build a successful routine and schedule around those skills. 


This is what builds a success story – as a business or an individual, you’ve been able to create an environment that takes the skills you’ve learned and applies them to a thriving business. For your online presence, this gives you credibility and provides interesting background into your company or brand. Not only are you an expert in your subject or field, but you’re using these skills and traits to help others and bring a relevant product or service to your clientele. Through these efforts, you’ve built a successful endeavor that makes you a professional in your field. 

Focus On Your Influence

Building an online presence includes proper advertising, solid marketing, and creating an influential message. However, you’re not going to influence your target audience if they don’t trust that you’re an authority figure on the subject. As such, you need to show them that you’re already a successful presence in the industry and you have the wisdom to help them with any questions or concerns they may have. Building your online presence around your professionalism and impact on your environment can help bring in the right people you’re looking to attract.